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d from the chairman of the board and then to preach the

, non-open not no arches, no flowers, no not even congratulate banner. A half months ago, TU East Sporting Goods Co., the company only a few products placed on the fourth floor entrance hall posters after a spring and summer of 2014 orders will quietly began. Compared with previous years, the lively scene, this order will naturally be an unprecedented low-key, but agents throughout the country still come to the party. Among them, a dealer orders came from Urumqi, Xinjiang 16:00 the same day the plane just went straight to the exhibition hall, he spent one night they pick a good time they want shoes, pay orders, the next day she sat early flight to fly home. If the past few years, the tradition of ordering, at least three days, the first day of duty, order the next day, the third day of the opening celebration. air max classic bw During the development of the cumbersome process, such as ... [more]

persevered. Concerns: No orders will be gone morale enter orders will see local season

stable, in order to open the season orders of business is basically a simple order, and some even not opened. situation is bad, it is better to spend money wisely. "the person in charge told reporters Road, because it found no open orders will not affect their orders, does not affect the choice of guests, so he chose not to open. This view, there are many sports brand Jinjiang endorsed by practical action. Jinjiang far-Shoe Co.'s brand with a single step of ordering the same year Gordon silent, general manager of the company, said Li Huawei, a large-scale orders will be canceled, you can save a lot of orders at the expense of some slick. He said that would prefer to actually subsidize these costs to the terminal stores, to help their agents and distributors to spend winter shoes and apparel industry. In recent years, many brand shoes stores are gradually closed, and the first step is to rely on such stores Gordon persevered. Concerns: No orders will be gone
 morale enter ... [more]

, is to clean up old business deposit accounts and access to important financial node,

should still be a company with distributors, resellers communication platform, in this platform, the company how to guide customers, establish market confidence is particularly important . "An order will tend to be a turning point, is to clean up old business deposit accounts and access to important financial node, you give the customer should have the confidence of the customer in order to settle accounts of the past, and then some more in the new season orders, the company will be able to deposit accounted for a little more. "GLU children Ltd. Cao Jin, director of marketing, nike huarache  said that if three thousand three hundred twenty-two allows customers the freedom to order, each dial customers to order, the company will arrange to entertain, which cost, in addition to energy, in terms of brand on budget or staffing nor less than the cost of a unified ordering. While outside the enterprise, the enterprises ... [more]

the way the transformation of Li Ning launched the first product is a basketball shoe

 Puma has been done in terms of fashion elements into the attempt. after separation with Adidas, Puma brand focuses on remodeling, which was the most different from Nike, Adidas, Puma men's point is to enhance products such as sensitivity to fashion, then reposition to consumers. However, due to the movement of fashion does not form a system, and more difficult to maintain the innovation in this area, so it did not until today Puma has made significant achievements in the field of sports fashion. domestic sports brand is also aware of a public attack from fast fashion, the first challenge is Li Ning, which is committed to the fast fashion similar transformation in the way the transformation of Li Ning launched the first product is a basketball shoe 
and only sixty day, this basketball shoes Li Ning official flagship store selling only 299 yuan. Since the reaction product from development to launch very quickly, so the market has achieved good sales performance ... [more]

tailers for H & M's threat or downplayed. Just4sport has 94

 retailers for H & M's threat or downplayed. Just4sport has 94 small sports club in Sweden, Jurgen Snell, CEO of the company said that happy to see that he considers H & M to join the sporting goods market for their help, because when H & M stuff does not complete it was discovered, or will the small shops to buy. air max 95  And Gustaf Ohrn chief executive of Sweden's largest sporting goods retailer Stadium in an e-mail mentioned, usually new competitors to enter the market impact Stadium caused little touches will be less competitive with the industry is relatively large impact. Looking at the domestic field shoes, a silence among the first to be called "fast fashion" brands with the potential dark horse to lead the market share, and dismally sports brand a tremendous contrast.
 The public are familiar with Uniqlo, ZARA, H & M and other fast fashion brands, summed up a ... [more]

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