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Correspondingly, Nike spare no effort to promote


Correspondingly, Nike spare no effort to promote

Correspondingly, Nike spare no effort to promote their brands and even crazy inputs: Only the 2011 fiscal year, Nike spent on advertising and promotion expenses for $ 2.448 billion, a percentage of 11.73% Nike income. Nike's former marketing director Scott Bedbury once recalled the situation in 1987, he introduced the Nike founder Knight advertising budget during that time Bedbury require the advertising budget from $ 8,000,000 to $ 34,000,000, In order to make this budget is passed, he was ready for anything. However, Knight has made a Bedbury never considered air max 90 hyperfuse the question: "how do we know that you have enough budget to use it?" The result, Nike's advertising expenditure that year reached an unprecedented $ 48 million. Since then,

 the company is full of the spirit of innovation in sports marketing has been maintained in the style of the brand marketing spend big bucks. In terms of product design and brand communications, Nike achieve the ultimate, which is its huge and expensive team spokesperson can see reflected, as production and sales, it is a matter foundries and agents, but problems may arise in precisely these areas . Large OEM foundry existence value lies in its ultra-low cost: cheap labor, cheap raw materials locally sourced, low rents. And now, these so-called "advantage" is the  air max classic bw obvious changes. On the one hand, China's cotton-based raw material prices, including factory rent, oil, rubber and other continued to soar; on the other hand, is a foundry worker against excessive overtime pay and ultra things occur. In 2010, China's largest foundry country or Nike, and now Nike foundry has been transferred to Vietnam and other lower-cost countries and regions. 

Nike annual calendar, in 2001, China produced 40% of its shoes, ranking first in the world, only 13 percent of Vietnam; to 2005, China's share fell to 36 percent, Vietnam rose 26 percent, came in second bit; 2009, China, Vietnam, respectively, 36% of the share tied for first; in 2010, the share rose to 37 percent in Vietnam, more than 34% of China. Nike foundries in China, mainly in Fujian, Guangdong, Qingdao, Shandong, Jiangsu Taicang, Nanchang, Jiangxi and Taiwan, most of which belong to the large foundry Nike Baocheng all. Pou Chen in 1969 in Taiwan, was founded by,


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