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only OEM Nike, also OEM Adidas, Reebok and other


only OEM Nike, also OEM Adidas, Reebok and other

 only OEM Nike, also OEM Adidas, Reebok and other international sports brand, Nike and Adidas largest foundries. For foundries, especially as treasure to be so large foundries, the general will face two problems: First, the cost sensitivity is very high, because the supply capacity, the unit cost of a little bit of small change will impact on the final profit huge, therefore, foundries generally has low air max 180 cost and high cost of land where the direction of movement of the features in the history of the development of the foundry, which never stopped location shift, from North America to South

 America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, has been and now the southeast coast of the mainland (soon become the past), and then Vietnam and Indonesia (foundries next). According to the Nike website, sneakers are especially sensitive to labor costs, labor costs, companies must be controlled within 24%, to be competitive. The second is to require the production time is quite harsh, especially sports shoes OEM, since the improvement of people's consumption level, shoes gradually shortened life cycle, sales air max 1  of products come to shorten the reaction rate which raised foundries high demands, from the previous 5 to 6 months of delivery, and now to three months or so we have to delivery. This means that the foundries have to shorten the production process, increase the reaction

 rate. In China, rising costs forced Nike foundry transfer to Vietnam, at the same time, because the foundry profit margins shrink, some foundries start small orders, a direct result of some Nike shoes out (well known that Nike perennial shortage problem exists). While others require brands foundries prices to cope with rising costs. For such a strong brand Nike, this blackmail seem to fear: you do not, people do naturally. But the face of Nike holds a super majority of orders on behalf of industry and commerce, capital Nike negotiations clearly insufficient. In early 2011, Nike has pledged to raise the price of most products. 2011 Nike released third-quarter earnings report, said revenues for the quarter increased 5.2%, but because of oil, cotton, rising labor 


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