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costs and freight, Nike's gross margin is not h


costs and freight, Nike's gross margin is not h

costs and freight, Nike's gross margin is not high. Nike executives said, in order to ease the rising cost pressures, only price. To some extent, due to the production processes did not have control over, Nike indirectly by large OEM mode "hostage." In addition to the prices of last resort, the shortage problem has been plaguing Nike. In Dongguan popular with this sentence:. "Dongguan traffic jam, the global shortage" In addition, for the cost of part of the out of control, so that Nike profits lower. Nike recently released the first quarter of the 2012 fiscal year (June  nike huarache 2011 to August) results, Greater China revenue increased by 15%, pre-tax profit increased by 4%, of which a record pre-tax profit growth in the last five Nike Greater China region the lowest since the last 

quarter. In addition, Nike fiscal 2012 overall amount of inventories in the first quarter reached $ 3.107 billion, an increase of the global amount of inventory by 41%. The amount of inventories compared with the previous years the amount of Nike stock since fiscal 2006, at the highest level. converse all star From the amount of inventories, the Nike now seems they are facing from 2008 to 2009 greatly increased the amount of inventory problems, Nike paid the appropriate price for its price: the Chinese market, for example, due to Nike raised its price (about 8% gains), prompting a significant increase in inventories. Inter-related, indeed affect the whole body, increasing the cost of the upstream open like a curse, the chain reaction continues, the mirror turned to the other side,

 the market situation for Nike hard to be optimistic. Interests of the game today, the amount of inventory again high, Nike will face what? Front of the wolf, after the tiger. In the sporting goods market, consumer demand is divided into three levels: first-tier cities have become a mature market, the second and third tier market is the transition from the mass market to market basis, four or five lines and six lines into the consumer market is basically still in the state . Thus, in early 2011, while Nike and Adidas made a decision to enter a low-tier cities. However, the channel lower-tier cities are not so simple. According to McKinsey urban agglomerations (ClusterMap) method, the Chinese city is divided into 22 urban agglomerations, each urban agglomeration around 1-2 center city development, all the satellite towns from the center of the city no more than 300 kilometers, and each city group GDP of more than 1% of the total GDP of Chinese cities.


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