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gradually learned to quantify the evaluation criteria, can effectively


gradually learned to quantify the evaluation criteria, can effectively

chain management. After several years of construction, has now broken the original director of that production is only responsible for production, logistics director is only responsible for the logistics of the fragmented state, and the storage, production, logistics, marketing and other aspects are integrated together, from the whole supply chain angle to manage. Li Ning is the first use of SAP's R / 3 system, and additional clothing and footwear industry AFS solutions for garment enterprises. Li Ning Company to implement the OEM production, production, supply and capacity of various sectors differ greatly in the process of building enterprise information system,   womens converse all star Li Ning, the company has gradually learned to quantify the evaluation criteria, can effectively
 improve the management efficiency of the supply chain. Guo Jianxin cited an example:. "We managed to dealers are determined by the sales manager, a twenty thousand poor credit, sales manager, also made a sign words but later on the ERP, the system said everything before calculation, is very strict. beginning dealers do not understand that my credit limit is 2 million, you will not give poor 10000 made? the difference 10000, 20000 may be worse next time, a long time, it will form a hidden danger. "according to the history of Sales Outstanding, Li Ning, dealer credit level, through the converse pro star SAP system dealers strict credit management. On the one hand reached in time to recover the funds, reducing turnover costs, the purpose of reducing the risk of loss of profits; 
on the other hand, after a run-in period, the partnership between the dealer and the Li Ning a lot easier, sales manager has to concentrate on market development , but no longer as worried as before the dealer if there is the problem of partiality. Before 2004, Guo Jianxin Li Ning, each to factories suppliers heart uneasiness, because we had not yet introduced Ning supplier evaluation system, the quality of operations here by Li Ning executives have the final say, suppliers sure, so every time new to the factory inspection GUO they are nervous. This situation began to improve supplier evaluation system to start building last year. Li Ning on the technology, development, materials, operations, QC (quality control), quality management, six departments and set up a


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