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form a virtuous cycle of survival of the fittest and the supplier of the


form a virtuous cycle of survival of the fittest and the supplier of the

 table for scoring Forecast www.tianqiz.com, the yield of suppliers, rework, cost structure and other links periodic assessments, supplier performance has been quantified analysis, performance good or bad at a glance, they also have a spectrum of mind, knowing that the link from which to improve. Now go to the factory Guo Jianxin, is more to do to communicate with suppliers on the operational level of the problem. For example, to see the production line manufacturer Li Ning and resource configuration to see the professional quality of workers, work practices meets the adidas running shoes standard Li Ning Company and regulations. Started in the second half of last year as well as suppliers of exit mechanism to form a virtuous cycle of survival of the fittest and the supplier of the 
system. After half a year of exploration, Li Ning has basically found a suitable model, exit the factory can still maintain good relationship with Li Ning. Exit mechanism is still the basis of the data analysis will delivery rate, yield, nike flyknit lunar 2  quality and stability, to be developmental and Lei indicators KPI Li Ning's ranking in customer etc. are laid out, in consultation with the supplier contrast after consensus started to exit the program. The first step in exit developer, the second step exit technology, the third step exit QC, final checkout. Guo Jianxin, said Li Ning, the exit mechanism to 
achieve a good exit, and partners to make full communication, evaluation criteria quantify, for a full partner Li Ning and easy relationship to establish the basis for consolidating Weather Network (www.qixiangwang.cn) all rely on the data speak, a lot of the cost savings generated by human factors, and more importantly, easy for both sides to enhance cooperation between the parallel efficiency of cooperation possible. On this basis, Li Ning Li Ning is valued partners and product knowledge, as well as the future direction of development is consistent and Li Ning. Li Ning hopes its partners are able to Li Ning, the top three, preferably the first one. Only in this way will it be possible to integrate the best Ning resources of the entire industry in the shortest time, at the 


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