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a sports brand to enter the 2008 nike free 4.0 Olympic Games tickets,


a sports brand to enter the 2008 nike free 4.0 Olympic Games tickets,

same time to maximize the efficiency of the entire supply chain through the integration of resources. Now, Li Ning, the company has more than 100 suppliers, professional development in order to achieve brand objectives, Li Ning, the company is emphasizing whether suppliers and their own research and development direction is consistent, they will instill a professional supplier of market demand trends in order to ensure product specialized in R & D and manufacturing sectors. To build the world's top sports brand, is Li Ning has been the direction of the company's efforts. China is very promising in the sporting goods industry, Li Ning's goal is to maintain 35% growth rate. Some say that professional sports is a sports brand to enter the 2008  nike free 4.0 Olympic Games tickets,
 Li Ning, if not earlier active logistics professional products, it is likely to miss the "Olympics" shortcut to quickly enhance their opportunities for international brand. And forging a good move this on-demand and the supply chain, then anything is possible. In order to respond to market changes and new brand positioning, Li Ning company to reposition itself from a supply chain management perspective, this is the resource managers and distributors. Li Ning, the company has been outsourcing (outsourcing) enterprises, basically not have their own factories, raw materials into finished products through partners to produce sold by the Li Ning Company to go out again. This year, nike free 3.0  Li Ning also intends to spin off its own processing plants also will be their main direction of the
 work entirely focused on work up to management of all resources, supply chain management and distribution. Li Ning company, supply chain management, in fact, demand management. Li Ning's business model very much like to do futures: product design out, the first open orders, the dealer to order home delivery (www.kuaidi10.com). Orders came, Li Ning distributed processing, statistical processing, merge, number, after the calculation of the cost, and then distributed to material suppliers, materials suppliers, and then with the flow of work by the logistics provider. "There is a lot of transition process is actually a waste of time," said Guo Jianxin, "good demand management (company), has a base platform, dealers can log in directly to the stage


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