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which is clearly reflected in the company's logistics system, Li Ning. Li Ning company


which is clearly reflected in the company's logistics system, Li Ning. Li Ning company

 to pick up their own orders." Popular clothing and footwear market trends change quickly, short life cycle, there is little a product is sold this year, next year could then sell. Li Ning now has 20,000 kinds of different styles, color-coded clothing, shoes, hats, casual, suits and other products, launch new products in the domestic market, the frequency is very high. And now increasingly demanding consumers, more and more selectively. Thus, after several balance, market-sensitive supply chain nike free run 2  has become the core of supply chain management company Li Ning. To forge market-sensitive supply chain, the core element in its supply chain responsiveness, which has been pursued by Li Ning. Li Ning current speed of response in the industry is considered relatively fast,
 which is clearly reflected in the company's logistics system, Li Ning. Li Ning company in the country has three production bases, which are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and three distribution centers (DC) also appropriate in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the three large area around Beijing. After the product produced, Li Ning's logistics department will be able to put the product within 2 hours of the large area of DC, were seized by the DC with the goods, then according to the needs of distributors, logistics companies by regional distribution. In different areas, Li Ning Company to select different transport companies and warehousing nike free run 3 company collaboration to undertake the work of local distribution. Li Ning's logistics providers are
 medium-sized logistics companies, mainly in terms of the degree of importance attached to consider. Large-scale logistics company operating inflexible and layers of management, and the management is not enough. The cost is not that high, Li Ning desired degree attention is not satisfactory. Choose medium-sized logistics company, Li Ning can justifiably demands starting position of the goods. Li Ning is now the efficiency of logistics distribution is 3 days, faster than a professional logistics company, is quite well-known in the industry. Distribution, and several other high-efficiency single link is clearly not satisfied with Li Ning, the huge gap inventory turns with the international famous brands make commitment to the global market, Li Ning unwilling. The average inventory turnover days, Nike, Reebok and other international brands in 70 to 90 days, while the average inventory turnover days Li Ning Company 2004 interim results for 124 days.


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