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management is responsible for issuing resources,


management is responsible for issuing resources,

 This reflects not only the company's lack of ability to back-office operations, inventory turns also means tying up funds much lower, reducing the return on capital. Thus, with the NBA contract with brands such as international marketing projects in operation, Li Ning in the supply chain management changes and tenders are carried out simultaneously. Li Ning believes that the ideal state is allocated to a strong logistics logistics company, with the raw material manufacturers with logistics company line, but Li Ning is just as demand management is responsible for issuing resources,
 procurement, production, processing and marketing , all aspects of logistics management and other unified deployment together. However, due to the current national logistics company has not been able to undertake a national distribution business, Li Ning, the company is now doing is to gradually collect data existing logistics systems, supply chain management as a basis for the future.  nike roshe run  In the existing system, based on the Li Ning Company is seeking a new supply chain management system (SCM) ideas, including raw material suppliers to achieve, OEM factory, accessories factories and logistics providers to exchange information on the same network platform conception. Since supply chain management is the management of demand, with a prediction
 on the nature of shopping (skyky.cn), although can not be 100% correct, changes in demand management is still very nike free 5.0 important. And after this platform to build up, Li Ning Company can more effectively manage demand and improve supply chain responsiveness to market through the integration of resources. April 18, coincided with the opening ceremony of the London Olympics countdown 100 days, depending on the sport and Tudou announced in Beijing Olympic Games in London reported on a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will feature programs by large CCTV-5's "361 ° London Action "conduct a comprehensive, in-depth cooperation, opening a full-media promotion of Olympic sports channels. Deputy Director of CCTV sports channel steel,


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