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Fans of sneakers, this shoe will make you excited, even i


Fans of sneakers, this shoe will make you excited, even i

Fans of sneakers, this shoe will make you excited, even if you've never visited, first saw it, and I will surprise you. This is the charm of this Assassin, especially the upper GALAXY Star theme, but the Assassin "Star" eye-catching. Today I'll share with colleagues to this shoe. Lightning 2 FIBA World Cup Special Edition shoe style flowing lines sharp through sharp elements to create a sense of speed. Visual highlight is followed by a lightning bolt shape PTU support tray, aesthetics and functionality andPrepared with great detail. Marked on the inside upper materials probably refers to the upper vent window similar to the fuse. Fenestration total area is not small, foot running can feel airflow, but the mesh slightly weak, durability remains t adidas zx 750 uk   be seen. Toe box is asymmetrical design and heat the toe post reinforcement, increasing toe strength. Followed by a vamp design also have Windows that open, but, for internal padding sponge and TPU, do not have a ventilation function, only as an ornament. Anti-torque TPU arch at the end of an area in large, extended end of band around outside, but under testing, strength of TPU, easily bending deformation followed by CUSHION-3 cushioning str adidas zx 8000 uk   uctures can be seen. Lining material I'm very pleasantly surprised, silk that is silky fabric, much like the LBJ x lining fabric, wear off easily, very level. Design for a pair of sneakers are standard positioning is pretty high. Peak sneakers feet performance has been excellent, and a large part ofInsole is why. Lightning 2 insole is very thick silicone soft insoles, Palm cellular patterns before and after to prevent sliding in the shoe. As the shoe's biggest highlight, zippered vamp design will undoubtedly make our eyes lit up. Recalling the history of basketball shoes zipper design, many of which are being held up as a basketball


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