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$ 150 an unprecedented thin tough, giving a


$ 150 an unprecedented thin tough, giving a

Sells for about $ 150 an unprecedented thin tough, giving athletes feet and further strengthening horizontal and vertical supports. Overall, the new desig vans golf wang n concept for this sneaker in weight, power, and movement control has a maximum boost. Even more surprising is that the adiz vans era ero carry micoach Crazy Light 2 speed_cell technology, provides a statistical form helping player stats, watch and share their data. Micoach loaded the advanced processor technologies, 360-degree performance monitoring players in training and on the fieldPerformance. Unique built-in chip memory, can store up to 7 hours of data synchronized via wireless technology to the Homo sapiens kemishikehei (Yao Ming, that is black), his shoes ZK7 ZK8 and dressed up, so write some experience, I hope to help friends like ZK series. Known, ZK7 is compared pick feet type of a double shoes, wearing it most uncomfortable has 4 points: forefoot sides clip toe mill foot bow, and is right feet mill, left feet basic not mill, serious of can mill off a layer skin also has is pressure instep and de followed by, de followed by to wear Shang power system of within boots is serious, feels is in wear slippers. Line and main line with all these shoes "features"I don't want to say, I just said that to solve these problems without destroying the shoe construction under way: take off first, followed by the words the laces to fasten and then punched below pay attention, don't punch and then power the system to tie a shoelace to the last hole and not left this problem can be solved. Other toe, grinding arch, instep, I think 2 weeks to put on not too powerful combat, a little shot, jog for a while almost half a month and you'll adjust to the pair of normal shoes. But don't wear movies, classes, driving, or you will notice a necrotic instep numbness feeling. And then the ZK7 elite: this pair of shoes and Kevlar, carbon fiber


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