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Local industry marketing channels to expand mainly dominated early,


Local industry marketing channels to expand mainly dominated early,

pattern has been basically finalized. In the experience of the "seven days of shoes" is still in short supply period, to the current industry development bottleneck, although most of the brands through marketing policies to high-speed development, but also because of policy mechanisms and marketing model was relatively misunderstanding of the sporting goods industry into to the current difficulties, the policy continues to push higher marketing costs, gross margin in the same conditions, greatly reducing the cost value of the product, a departure from the value of the product for consumers to improve the mind, excessive product accumulation in the market caused serious industry devalued. Local industry marketing channels to expand mainly dominated early, 
which I call "pipe concept" model,  air jordan 6 which is essentially an extension of the channel, as long as the channel shop was long enough enough, then the volume is higher, that is, the higher the market share. But missed the point, the company laid "plumbing" that is expanding channels when building terminal that can survive it? Store efficiency, floor effect is benign it? Each terminal like faucets, sales if there are problems, they means tap water can not be normal, a "clogged pipes," as the current industry inventory large, as driven by the development of overall sales rising channel pattern is no longer viable, carding a good pipeline, and constantly promote the good health of the retail terminal system, every one want healthy growth of the brand must be addressed. 
Each have their own trick reporters comb transformation: for the entire sporting goods industry by the downturn in the overall environmental impact, you have any suggestions on how depression in the air jordan 3 environment Accumulate land away:?? Although the overall industry downturn, digital local sporting goods brands on the report is not as Two years ago dressed, but we can not deny that they are indeed working with the international economic restructuring, especially in terms of international brands of road construction. Let's take a look at Anta, I dare say, is a model of domestic brand Anta channels and terminal building, which is two years, Anta channel sink gradually improve the quality of the terminal, to erase some of the foam produced by rapid expansion, 


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