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caught in the middle of the brands with the original "money


caught in the middle of the brands with the original "money

this year, our products contain a lot of Olympic element. This year the London Olympics logo colors are rich, so we color this season and more diverse number of products to cater to the theme colors of the Olympic Games. During the transition, 361 ° based on brand strategy, insisted on sports marketing direction, based on the responsibility and mission, after nike mercurial superfly fg consideration, decided to support a variety of comprehensive Games. Zhang Wenlong: In addition to operating mode into development difficulties, the Jinjiang local brands should also be early and down the supply chain to do comb. All along, the brand, exists between suppliers and distributors delicate symbiosis three cases, brands occupy upstream suppliers overdraft funds, to their downstream distributors Distribution, rapidly expanding brand disk. But now, under the vicious competition, a lot of inventory accumulation in the terminal, caught in the middle of the brands with the original "money
 game" could face collapse at any time, so the future should be stable under the brands pace, no disk, a pragmatic solution to supply chain and financial chain bi-pressure return to health marketing nature (raising the consumption benefits), which is essential to achieve sustainable and healthy development brand. Brands should concentrate on its product strength,  nike magista obra fg  to meet and enhance the interests of consumers as the first thing, is committed to product experience from all aspects of interactive terminals, public relations and other activities to increase value-added products, the establishment of the unique advantages of products to enhance the brand premium power, get rid of a single industry price competition is the development of the core elements. 
Compared to last year, is expected in the fourth quarter of 2012 the amount of orders shoes have a double-digit decline year on year, the amount of orders and apparel products have over 20% of the decline. Profit warning after the report was released, Li Ning shares fell for two consecutive days. The agency also bearish company's share price, have downgraded. The reason for the industry "structural" saturation there was a huge association. Li Ning, the company had started as early as the end of 2010 to clear inventory, but because of internal management and execution of many other reasons, it takes a huge financial and energy, but effective slow. Agencies have downgraded June 11 evening, Li Ning issued profit warning announcement, compared to last year,


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