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Chinese Olympic Committee, held many athletes meet the media activities in


Chinese Olympic Committee, held many athletes meet the media activities in

 to garment fabrics need more than 20 days, the process involved in the production of about 80 workers, and involving 22 external suppliers. "The receiving awards in the creative and technological aspects of Chinese culture and strive to highlight the concept of environmental protection." Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANTA Shizhong Introducing the design concept that the Chinese are descendants of the dragon, 2012 is the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon, the company special The "Dragon" design elements into the receiving awards in the hope that "Dragon" spirit inspire Chinese athletes in London glory; but also want to show the charm of traditional Chinese culture to the world through the "dragon suit." However, people want to 

see the true capacity champion dragon suits have to wait. Anta relevant responsible person said, this is mainly the naming ceremony, the end of June to early July, the winner will be officially Long service meet with the public. Anta Olympic marketing in addition to cost hundreds of millions of Chinese delegation to build equipment champion Long service award, the  air jordan 6 ANTA will open a series of Olympic marketing strategy. "Anta The China House and the Chinese Olympic Committee, established in close, the depth of cooperation." The person in charge told reporters Anta Anta resources London Olympics will get the highest Chinese media. During the London Olympics, Anta will work with the Chinese Olympic Committee, held many athletes meet the media activities in 

China's home, providing a platform for the exchange of media interviews and athletes. In addition, during the Olympics, Anta and CCTV Olympic Channel will carry out in-depth cooperation in the history   air jordan 3 of the largest, invested hundreds of millions of funds to promote integration, creating Olympic viewing environment. Moreover, Anta depth of cooperation with the International Olympic Committee will throughout the Olympic year. By then, Anta will extend the use of the Olympic Games flag to Anta Olympic Series merchandise. "Fujian-made" is not only equipped with a multinational 


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