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in China that closed shop 38. Full-time vice president


in China that closed shop 38. Full-time vice president

 libraries, sports apparel industry into an era of great change. In the Internet has swept the world in the background, O2O become another e-commerce waves. Under the keen attention of mobile payment, logistics and other industry giants, and quickly became one of the hot word of the year. According to incomplete statistics, only the first half of 2013, the domestic sporting goods giant Li Ning, China Dongxiang, 361 °, Anta, Peak, Xtep brand six cumulative number of stores closed over 2249. Apparel industry closed shop tide spread from the sports brand, men's or women's casual brand to brand. As of the end of December 2013 performance, which owns brands such as Esprit Esprit released last year alone in China that closed shop 38. Full-time vice president 

of China National Garment Association, Wang Zhuo believes that behind the "online and offline," in sharp contrast, is a celebration of the current changes in consumer consumption behavior: online  air jordan 6 consumer has become a habit, but the line has grown from the original pure consumer consumption into an interactive experience, including sharing entertainment and other factors, that consumers are online and offline retail habits cognitive change. In the running-in process and e-commerce in the professional market, some market a tireless exploration and innovation,

 and invariably their eyes locked on the bottom line linkage online mode, select the O2O mode, the physical market will be air jordan 3  combined with the Internet trading. O2O will change the apparel retail industry's development territory, while the core O2O is the big data technology, big data from social networking sites, Internet users represent a true thoughts, reflecting their exact needs. Therefore, the garment industry O2O era, the "consumer" is no longer a vague general population, but one by one by the massive and fragmented data to prop up the "whole person." Looking back on 2014 models created by businesses use O2O amazing performance, one can not help lamenting O2O suddenly, such as spring night, a powerful charm. In contrast, the apparel industry


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