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and the US West Coast port labor dispute led to


and the US West Coast port labor dispute led to

Shoes supply giant issued a profit warning in Hong Kong Luen Thai Luen Thai Holdings (0311.HK) expects net profit for the year ended December 31, 2014 than the 2013 reduction of 55% -65% year, mainly due to fashion and footwear customer orders were significantly reduced, and the US West Coast port labor dispute led to delay in delivery. Group noted that adidas 11pro trx fg  one of the biggest customers of two years to life fashion classified replacement outsourcing provider, other European customers already declared bankruptcy, so this category will generate an impairment loss 1,200-1,400 million. Another classification of footwear apparel accessories business customers the largest supplier integration strategy, the adverse effects of the impairment loss

 amounted to $ 300-400 million. Plus the US West Coast port workers and employers of labor disputes so that delay in delivery of goods, resulting in the Group overtime costs and additional transportation costs and paid / payable increased fines US customers. According to reports, adidas predator instinct fg Luen Thai Holdings (0311.HK) last year, but also by its Yue Yuen Industrial (Group) Holdings Ltd. (0551.HK), Dongguan factory strike affected. Last April, has the world's two largest product group athletes Nike Inc. (NYSE: NIKE) Nike and Adidas AG (ADS.DE) customers such as Adidas Windsor Group (0551.HK) due shoe factory in Dongguan high Po is no means to pay the full amount of social security for workers and housing fund as well as in connection with the wage temporary workers and pay social security and workers to sign labor contracts invalid continuation occurs several days of mass industrial action, leading Adidas AG (ADS. DE) Adidas transfer orders made

 decisions. Luen Thai Holdings (0311.HK) 2013 annual revenue was $ 1.229 billion recorded a year on year increase of 24.1%, net profit rose 24.5 percent on-year to US $ 4,822.1 million. Luen Thai Holdings (0311.HK) Tuesday intraday stock price was 11.39% decline occurs, the stock closed at HK $ 1.55, the decline narrowed to 1.9%, which has been accumulated since the beginning of 2015 increased by more than 13%. In the digital marketing era, the Internet to create a new brand strategy legendary. As a young brand, Erke keen to capture the personality characteristics of the new generation of consumer groups, the flow, the clever use of digital media platform, with a series of online communication, the "Hello, sunshine," the optimistic,


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