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and summer, adidas Clima series new upgrades


and summer, adidas Clima series new upgrades

Taobao had sales of Reebok Shoes Shop, but there are a lot of people are purchasing, or open your own online shop. Because it is not a store, Reebok gl6000 distinguish more trouble. Some stores are selling a product, they'll be shot, details of shooting is to let consumers see their shoes. At this time we can advance these goods and shoes compare of authenticity. However, because the shoe Gallery shoe prices were not expensive, instead, buy directly from famous shoes save Reebok gl6000 distinguish trouble. Sounding names  new balance 993 mens like Reebok and step, so we thought it must have been two very similar to those of the brand. What these brands good? such a problem will always appear. Many consumers will even confuse these brands. In fact, they are two completely different brand. Even the brand manufacturer's country are not the same. Reebok and step which is better? Reebok is a brand owned by adidas. Step is that we have a well-known brand in the country. We know more about domestic brand xtep. Xtep has also been a domestic variety talk show the unique naming of the every day. Selected to represent all well-known artists. Reebok and step which is better? spokespersons on behalf of a brand's image. Now from the first TSE to Jolin Tsai, will pan, Han Geng, and all are the spokesmen of xtep. These people have the image of youth fashion, in entertainment have distinct personalities.

Many consumers say that Reebok now lacks the iconic spokesmen, but this does not affect the sales of the brand's development and growth as well as products, Reebok classic Pump Omini pumpspective Omni, formerly known as, but in the later design adds a richer color, blue, pink and black combination, Reebok pumpspective Omni looks more flexible before you got rid of the rigid and old-fashioned. More personalized features of choice for many fashion-loving young people. Reebok wind generation 3 God for cement so easy when playing basketball. Especially shoes design, perfectly suited to characteristics of concrete, both the functional and the protection can play a better role in performance. Likes to play basketball for your own prepared two pairs of basketball shoes, a pair of an indoor basketball court and play basketball with, another double on the concrete floor wear playing basketball. If you look at adidas (adidas), the brand should be seen by David Beckham for adidas endorsements-latest climachill video ads or posters, and by 2014 and Beckham endorsements is another series of adidas ClimaCool. Climachill ClimaCool there what difference does it make? Adidas followed in 2012 and 2013, Clima cool breeze after the popularity of the series, this spring and summer, adidas Clima series new upgrades, again in cooperation with football superstar David Beckham, introduces the Climachill ice wind series functional products such as clothing and running shoes. What is the difference between climachill ClimaCool, we can separate two different commodities from clothes and shoes to understand.

Adidas Climachill clothing using a sophistic new balance 880 mens ated knitted fabrics with titanium, and take advantage of the industry-first 3D aluminum heat sink technology, an aluminum dots are distributed strategically in the hottest regions of the body, in contact with skin can make athletes feel cool. At the same time, subzero flat yarn with revolutionary design and titanium elements, maximum contact surface and let it heat effect is much larger than the traditional round yarn. Is this the most breathable fabrics that adidas created. Adidas Climachill? family spokesman said Beckham, adidas Climachill? contains powerful functions of science and technology, that is to help athletes in the face of even the most hostile environments, are centering their minds on the game, the pursuit of personal best performance. Climachill ride continued the Clima series uncluttered style in single color color overlay vamp, complemented by classic stereo design of three bars either side, uppers and soles with matching color design of large heat this year. Chichenghuanglvqinglanzi fun color scheme relative to the ClimaCool, climachill color schemes are more stable, men's shoes, namely black, blue, grey, but ladies use the fluorescent color scheme is particularly popular this year, there are pink, purple and black. Climachill ride abandoned redundant elements to avoid too strong a sense of form, compared to General shoes easier to wear saddle.


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