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that the current domestic sports shoes, apparel, high-end market to foreign brands,


that the current domestic sports shoes, apparel, high-end market to foreign brands,

 to achieve athletic footwear sales 13.198 billion yuan, an increase of 14.90%; and more sports equipment industry scale enterprises In 2010 the sales revenue of 83.043 billion yuan, an increase of 28.54%. From the export trade, the contribution of sports equipment industry is also the largest. In 2011, China's total exports of the sporting goods industry for $ 15.916 billion, a trade surplus of $ 15.24 billion. Among them, the sports equipment exports accounted for 48.87 percent of total exports. "Report" that the current domestic sports shoes, apparel, high-end market to foreign brands,
 domestic brands have begun to  air jordan 6 participate to compete and have a certain competitiveness; the low-end market, its domestic brands, and market size considerable. In stark contrast, the sports equipment of high, medium and low-end market play a leading role in all domestic brands, foreign brands "voice" is limited. Future: the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure needs to be "Report" that the major bottleneck in the development of China's sporting goods industry is facing: First, the lack of core competitiveness of enterprises, the brand has not yet fully formed, in the low-end manufacturing sectors in the global division of labor; two is the industry's serious violations, shoddy products flooding the market and there is excessive competition. 
Right now both domestic and international macro-economic downturn, with the decline in the future labor cost advantage of Chinese air jordan 3 enterprises, Chinese sporting goods companies will promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. "Report" also pointed out that in recent years, international brands began to domestic second and third tier cities to expand even less, and domestic brands compete in the low-end market, while the second and third line of the brand is also actively enter cities, various brands of the market is bound to intensify cross-industry competition. At the same time, show inventory, costs and other issues within the industry will accelerate the survival of the fittest. Sales are sluggish, inventories surged, discount clearance ....


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