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in 2011 spring and summer inventory for 800


in 2011 spring and summer inventory for 800

 in 2011 spring and summer inventory for 800 million -9 million in 2010 to 500 million Dongkuan inventory -6 billion, the rest of the earlier models. This means that, in addition to the 2012 and 2011 spring and summer Dongkuan inventory can be considered normal operation, the other more than 1.3 billion yuan of goods can be considered as a quarter of goods. In fact, the high inventory problems plaguing other brand shoes and apparel. Previously, Anta, Peak, 361 degrees,  nike magista obra fg special steps listed Quanzhou shoe 2011 earnings report, "Inventory" is also become a problem plagued the development of the industry. Announcements, Pick in 2011 mainly due to the increase in the company inventory and accounts receivable due to the increase in cash flow from operating activities in 2010 of 1.166 billion yuan from the big fall to about 310 million yuan. 
Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said that at present the retail end inventory of about a month, the distributor inventory for 5-6 months, the overall up to about six months. Notice also showed 361 degrees, 361 degrees in 2011 up to 4.512 billion yuan stock, 81.8% higher than in 2010, 2.482 billion yuan. Anta previously published report shows that as of December 31, 2011, amounted to 618 million yuan Anta inventory, compared with last year's 454 million yuan, an increase of 36.1%; anta trade receivables and other receivables funds for the 1.709 billion yuan, 990 million yuan over the same period last year only, an increase of 72.6%. 80% of the product or as inventory in fact,
 there are financial figures compared with the shoes listed companies, some small business inventory shoes may be more serious. "A second-tier brand yet it can clean up inventory through discounts for living in three or four lines, not even a little-known brand, even if the discount advantage is not obvious." Jinjiang, a shoe person in charge of a face, second-tier brands 3,4% discount activity, had launched a low discount clearance price. "It is not promotional, inventory consumption does not go out;. Promotion, and both lose this, and easy to damage the brand image of   nike mercurial superfly fg hard-earned money throughout the year, all the pressure in the warehouse" for shoes and apparel industry, excess inventory has been become a major issue affecting the development of the industry. 


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