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"Now the casual sports shoes and apparel product structure


"Now the casual sports shoes and apparel product structure

"Now the casual sports shoes and apparel product structure, more than 80% of the stock, most companies now selling inventory." A clothing brand to industry sources, the fashion industry there is a saying that if one did not adidas 11pro trx fg sell out the goods 30 days it will probably be the death of goods, which is known as the "brick." For shoes and apparel companies, a quarter of these commodities, are constantly devaluation. "For example, three years ago, the stock has been basically a 'floor price', which is the industry's most unforgiving place." The person said, because of this, has become the largest inventory of shoes and apparel industry problem solving very easy, cash flow can easily be overwhelmed. It is understood that the order under the influence of season, 
in accordance with the normal operation of the industry, the range of 10% -20% is regarded as safety stock, which means that the production of 10 000 clothing, including pieces belong 1000-2000 inventory is commonplace, this also in shoes and apparel enterprises within the controllable range. But the reality is that most of shoes and apparel business inventories have exceeded the controllable range. Insiders said with a smile, even though all the Chinese shoes enterprises are discontinued, just Yaku cargo warehouse at least be available for domestic sales companies sell shoes on for three years. 
According to the apparel industry practices,  adidas predator instinct fg if these stocks over three years, minus the value of its damage to cargo, warehousing costs, it is difficult not only to corporate profits, but also become a burden to the company's future development. In addition to being occupied by the cash flow, the high inventory is the first affect orders for shoes and apparel companies grow next season. Chain reaction has occurred. China Business Operations of Olympic sports recently released bulletin said that in the fourth quarter of 2012 at the order of the group recently held, Olympic sports order amount (at wholesale prices) fell 20-30% compared with the same period last year. The decline in the amount of orders covering Pick's footwear and apparel products.


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