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cense Porter itself was excellent agreement


cense Porter itself was excellent agreement

"Just throw the ball into the team let me keep the rhythm, nothing special. "To win, Loew does not claim credit for," not just my own merit, Kelly (Irving) there is a great section, LeBron has a great section I section II played well, and this is a team effort. "Because it is against the Lakers, and Loew's future might join the Lakers rumors is very noisy, but asked whether future might join the Lakers, Loew is now very firmly, new balance 579 mens " I am the Knight people. "Asked whether he sees himself in the future may be what the team, Loew replied:" no ". "Owen got 28 points and 10 assists, in today's match he direct shampooing has a sideline alley-OOP are very beautiful. After the game, Blatter said, this is not a layout, is Owen and incense Porter itself was excellent agreement. After the match, Owen talked about the ball, said, "I was a little eye contact with him. I know that he has come to that position, my line,

I'm going to give him a good neutral. "According to the ESPN report, the Los Angeles Lakers [Twitter] away loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Lakers ' bench scorer Nick young is still not found, as the disappeared and his smile and joke. Before the game, Nick young had 12 shots in a row in the field are not from his personal record this season and the longest consecutive missed only 2. This is also why Byron Scott rece womens new balance 990 ntly Dr press on the bench. After one half of the field, Nick young on the bench shortly after it voted in a three-point shot, but three completely. After that time, his performance did not improve, the audience down, he scored 8 points in the 3-10 shooting. Nearly three games, Nick Yang Changjun had only 8 points 25% shooting. With his performance in last December (15.3 points per game while shooting 40%) is a far cry from. "I'm playing on the Court and not felt too much fun. "Yang said after the game," I have for some time without

'Swaggy P' celebration. I've got too much negative energy into the body. "As far as Scott said, Yang is sick today, so that should explain his slump on the field, but the Dr but not for health as an excuse. "Everything was wrong. "Yang went on to say," it's been a tough season, I didn't feel happy on the pitch, but I can't find it. "The second quarter, Nick Yang Ceng let Cavaliers scored with ease because of a mistake, after which he again complained to the referee and eat 1 technical fouls. This is Dr eat 5th technical fouls this season, Scott immediately benched. "He has to learn to better control their own emotions. "Scott said while talking about Yang's technical foul," if he was only 21 years old, 22 years old, I can understand, but he had been in the League for 7 or 8 years. "Before the all-Star weekend, the Lakers still have two games left to play, while Nick young had to look.


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