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on, it is difficult to participate in the

Wisdom has been returned to China yesterday, will be with the team this afternoon to visit Shanghai for intensive training. Zhi in the final stages of rehabilitation, participate in the February 17 match was difficult, perhaps quicker recovery, could be back in Australia or the next game. Guoan squad this year, dilute zhe Zhang has been unable to for the team. Manzano as his former love blessing: hope to dilute zhe best of luck in Germany, he is my last season a very good player, but not on our team right now, and won't help the national security. Fortunately, we have a great treasure to join, he is very important for  new balance 577 uk the team, he is a very important player, we will according to characteristics of Dabao, gave him to find the most suitable location and hope in his season as good as a dilute zhe Zhang. We have 4 players to join the team today, hope they are integrated into the team as soon as possible, with teammates to complete running. Now, all our players were able to go to Shanghai, we can prepare together the AFC qualification round. The morning of February 9

Beijing Guoan [Twitter] clubs meet 2015 season signings will be held, in addition to joining in Tai Po [microblogging], Li Lei and jinpengxiang outside, Liao Shi Xiaotian foot goalkeeper [Twitter] also met debut. Played a man shortage on national security in the goalkeeper position, Zhang Sipeng [Twitter] and Bai Xiaolei has left, Zhi is injured, and Al Husn in Spain zipper pull, while last season's reserve team goalkeeper Zhao Shi was ready, but for safety's sake, has probably leased once in decimating the Liao force of foot, and goalkeeper Shi Xiaotian. Manzano [Twitter] Description: Zhi in yesterday's home, will be with the team new balance 1300 uk  this afternoon to visit Shanghai for intensive training. He is in final stages of rehabilitation, it is difficult to participate in the February 17 match, perhaps quicker recovery, could be back in Australia or the next game. Born in 90, joined Guangzhou Shi Xiaotian 2011 [Twitter], runner-up in the identity of Red super successful, after Shi Xiaotian served as Cheng Yuelei [Twitter] bench, and served as first choice goalkeeper early in the 2013 season.

Last season, the Liaoning Hongyun Shi Xiaotian joined on a free transfer [Twitter], behind Heron served as second goalkeeper, got 1 caps. ), Ending nearly a month of overseas tour, Beijing Guoan and soldiers returned to Beijing yesterday. At the time of conclusion of the overseas tour, both coach Manzano and the players are of the view that overseas tour a fruitful year. 6:30 A.M. yesterday, security officers and men arrived on a flight from Frankfurt airport. Due to a series of customs formalities until around 8 o'clock, players being out of the Terminal. At the exit, Guoan Club's two Chiefs rawling and orgasm are already waiting for the arrival of the team. After more than 20 hours flight, players ' faces are somewhat tired, but saw the club leaders personally to pick up players ' a smile on my face, yunlong, Yu Dabao, Energie Cottbus and other players exchanged views with two veterans, new signings in Tai Po are tightly held rhonin hand expressed his thanks. According to Manzano's introduction, before the national security


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