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pped in an interview and a variety o


pped in an interview and a variety o

Fans gave him a quite proper cute nickname: "fresh meat" 's high popularity is evident. Nervous from the first period to put "liby liquid soap and washing in one newly-promoted" as "liby liquid soap and washing in one new album" then every time I read local is in one fell swoop, we see again and again is Leo Ku in progress. Leo Ku in the arena of smartness and amiable sincerity make him this season's most popular hosts, but also became the host of the first ever to be eliminated. Leo Ku's temporarily knocked out, many viewers loved him could not help but shed a few tears, showing his "local census" Chair has taken root. Leo Ku's departure, Li Jian, the runner of the auspices of the Chair will set off a ne new balance 880 mens w round of hot topic? Since its joining of the I'm a singer, Li Jian, increasingly saw a jump in popularity, Chiung Yao-men outside + engineering + male brain cat aristocratic temperament made him one of today's hottest singers. Despite vocal strength not to say, Li Jian, an endless stream of classic

Language theory is also credited, so praised by netizens "cool stay adorable satin hands". Compared to Leo Ku Meng "warm man" st new balance 993 mens yle, "a cool Uncle" image, is quite different, but Tsinghua wit title not langdexuming, quipped in an interview and a variety of cold not whizzing to a joke from time to time it can be seen that Li is capable to undertake this important task. May become a host of players. Brilliantly concise language style and Gao Lengshuai the external image, we can look forward to "white Uncle" Li Jian at the host location for added light colour of the I'm a singer, believe that God can live up to expectations post of runner of the host, becomes the new "legends". Beginning in 1983, CCTV has been 33 years. Watching the Spring Festival evening and eat dinner

Like Chinese people around the world to celebrate the Spring Festival, "standard". Along with the calendar page over, along with the footsteps come home in 2015, CCTV has been simmering. This year, the Gala shows and actors screened what are standards? Goat show will return to party? Are there any innovations and highlights? This exclusive interview with the goat Gala Director Harvin, for your "spoilers". Standard four-letter vulgarity shows no, stained, actors don't have journalists: you have been stressing "door Spring Festival Gala", the "door" open much, who can enter and who would not? Harvin: not so much as "split door spring." Doors open, we adhere to the "good programming is hard truth", what is a good program? Acrobatics is thrilling enough, high difficulty, high touch, the Spring Festival evening acrobatics


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