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sneakers for various consumer groups also launched


sneakers for various consumer groups also launched

of life, and brings a classic retro style totally different, also with a youthful vitality to conquer all "Petit bourgeois" and a symbol of their quality of life as a manifestation of their spiritual values. Luxury, style, casual style. Casual sneaker is a combination of casual style and minimalist style, youthful, passionate style and casual sneaker's inner function, a strong, dynamic rhythms, highlights an independent and confident style. 1.Colours (1) white power has always been dominated by white in spring and summer, nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk sport and retro, but white praised to the highest position. Various brands are all-white sports shoes, leather shoes, casual sneaker design. Although there are white, gray and other colors, but is still dominated by white. (2) the Golden fashion casual sneaker has launched a variety of "dazzle" color series, such as purple, red, green, yellow, etc. NIKE Valentine's Red heels

decorated with a rose. However, most eye-catching color is gold. Pure Golden running shoes like sports fans are familiar with, like Nike could have been for Michael. Johnson and his elaborate Golden running shoes, shoes are covered with gold armor gold Saint, Regal demeanor. Always take a Latin style line PUMA also launched a dazzling Golden running shoes, put up your feet and compact. (3) Bi-color matching solid-nike mid blazer womens colored casual trainers come out on top days are now over, two color matching or color matching favorite casual sports shoes are also popular with consumers. Different color schemes display different styles: a pink-and-black, gentle and steady, black and white, showing the distinctive personality; the pink-and-black, very lively and cute. In addition, casual sneakers for various consumer groups also launched several "special" style. "Quiet elegance" type is

characterized with a soft light colored instead of the bright warm colors; " Crash Bandicoot Phantom of the Opera "in the original luxury, add a dash of young modern style;" Crisp tenderness "with crystal clear shallow bright highlights with a gorgeous tone;" Natural and fresh "with wisdom, and vibrant blue and green people feel naturally" return to nature "the leisurely and relaxing. Overall, casual sneakers bright bold color, instead of old sports shoes and casual shoes monotone color, red, white, blue, yellow, and Black colored scene, while retaining the traditional two-color stripe matching based on, to further expand the multi-color, multi form mix. Specific change embodied in: the minimalist aesthetic: a different shade of white is an important tone, reflecting the minimalist aesthetic style. Fire paradox: Orange and orange-red combination, will form a paradoxical


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